Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WAW Wednesday ... "In the Zone"

"The Word at Work is a ministry that mobilizes churches and individuals to answer God's call to minister to those in need," writes Rev. Tim Tam, Director of the Amarillo, Texas-based ministry. "Through our relationships, God reveals needs and opportunities for service. As we come along side the poor, new friendships develop and doors for ministry open. As we serve, God provides the resources to supply for the needs he reveals."

WAW Wednesday: "In the Zone"

Hey, Friends,

It was so good to be back in Belize this month, catching up with friends that I haven't seen since before my sabbatical…….almost a year.

It's also a great feeling when you know you are right where God wants you.

And when God causes things to work together for good ... Things beyond our control ... I do get a kick out of that!

I had a team in Belize that wanted to visit with Dr. Beatriz Thompson about the hospice ministry. We set up a time to meet and Beatriz mentioned that the Belize City Hospital was asking her to help with grief counseling.

So many deaths had happened over the past couple of weeks - including young teenagers. Nurses were having difficulty dealing with it. Literally weeping while they worked.

Beatriz asked if I had any pastors on the team who were experienced with grief counseling. Wouldn't you know it….. the day of her request…... one of the team members that JUST flew in "happened" to have experience for this need, in this exact setting. He too was blown away by the “coincidence”, having worked for years in a hospital setting doing grief counseling with nurses and doctors. So he was an answer to their prayer as we instantly put it together.

Also during this last trip, I got to worship with the folks at First Stone Church in Western Paradise. We were short on chairs, so we had to quickly make pews for the back rows out of long planks and cinder blocks.

Pastor Phillipa had been pricing chairs, but she said they were too expensive. I asked how many she needed. Between the two churches she works with she could use 100. I just got the word that 200 chairs we're donated to our partner church in Paoli Pennsylvania ... Where they were ALREADY in the process of loading a shipping container headed our way in three weeks!!!

We've set the dates for our 2017 Christmas Project - December 9-16 - is God calling you to join us?

For this week, I pray that you be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding and that you may walk in a manner worthy of the Lord pleasing him in all respects, Bearing fruit in every good work, And increasing in the knowledge of God. Col 1:9-10

Thanks, friends,
Tim Tam

EDITOR'S NOTE: Speaking from my own first-hand experience - working side-by-side with Tim, Kenny and our brothers and sisters in Belize - won't you give thoughtful, prayerful consideration to supporting the efforts of Tim, the Word At Work staff and their partners? Please please fill out this Commitment Card and return it to their office!

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