Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In the News ... "Philanthropic communities rally around refugees of all walks of life"

MRT Photo by Chaney Mitchell
• Despite concerns of state and local leaders in Texas, the displaced find a home in Midland

Brandon Mulder, Reporter
Midland Reporter-Telegram

MIDLAND, TEXAS -More than 1,000 immigrants have come to Midland in the last decade to escape religious persecution and political violence. Midlanders have consistently offered their compassion, money and jobs to the dispossessed, and the community today would arguably not be the same without them.

The Chin people -- fleeing from sectarian violence in Burma for their Christian faith -- have filled jobs created by the oil boom. Today, at least 1,200 live in the community, working in the oil, retail and service industries, according to previous Reporter Telegram reports. The Chin account for nearly 94 percent of all refugees currently settled in Midland and have established five church congregations around town.

But many of their contributions to the community cannot be easily measured by economic gain. The diversity they bring is an enrichment in itself, according to many faith leaders ...

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