Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Invitation to Prayer from Faces of Children ... TOMORROW

Faces of Children is an ecumenical prayer ministry under the auspices of First Presbyterian Church of Midland, Texas. Their mission is to initiate ministries of prayer for children in churches, communities, and neighborhoods. In doing so, they seek to provide an opportunity for people of God to join together, learn about children and their needs throughout the world, and celebrate Christ's love (especially as it relates to children).

Invitation to Prayer ... TOMORROW

Hi Friends,

Thank you for joining me in prayer for the children of the world. If you can, we'd love to have you pray together with us this Wednesday at 11:30 a.m., in the gym conference room at First Presbyterian Church of Midland, Texas. The church is not currently offering lunch service. If you'd like to have lunch together, please bring a sack lunch and we can eat together.

Also, Faces of Children is now on Facebook! I invite you to like our page so that you can see regular stories, prayer needs, and updates from partner ministries.

All the best,


Dear Intercessors,

My apologies for the delay in sending this email this week! Over the weekend, we hosted Empowered to Connect, a training for parents and professionals who work with children from hard places. We had teachers, foster parents, employees of child welfare agencies, CASA volunteers, and school counselors attend and learn more about how they can provide better trauma-informed care to the children entrusted to them. In all the business, I forgot to schedule this email to be sent! But, praise God for a successful conference... the material presented brings such hope and healing to people who are in the trenches serving children with difficult back-stories who often struggle with hard behaviors and use survival strategies that can be very disruptive in families and classrooms. The conference went smoothly. Please be praying for those who attended the conference -- thousands across the USA as it was simulcast -- pray they are able to implement what they learned and continue to help the children in their care find deep healing. Also pray that as they walk out this journey, they would feel encouraged, equipped and find healing for their own wounds...

In addition to that, please join me in praying for:

SYRIA // Chemical weapons used against civilians
With the use of chemical-weapons and the horrific reports of children and families dying horrible deaths and the retaliatory bombing by the US military, it seems things in Syria continue to disintegrate. If you're like me, it is hard to know how to pray ...
Come, Lord Jesus. Bring your comfort and peace to the people of Syria.

CHINA // Government regulation changes forces private foster facilities to close
In recent days, children across Guangdong province have been recalled from private foster care centers back to state welfare institutions. This action resulted from the recent discovery of substandard care and neglect in one care center. Unfortunately, this province-wide recall is affecting children in many well-managed foster homes and private care centers across the country. New Day Foster Home's southern branch had to return all of the children in their care to their home orphanage, including 4 medically fragile children who need specialized medical care and surgeries.
Please pray for these children who have been uprooted from stable, safe, and loving foster care homes and returned to government orphanages. Pray that the government recognizes that such broadly-applied regulations do not take into consideration the best interest of many children, especially medically fragile children. And pray for the directors and staff of these foster care programs who lost -- overnight -- children they've cared for and loved for many years. They are discouraged and uncertain what to do next.

THAILAND // Two children's homes face changing regulations
The Mae Ka Chan and Mae Lao children's home, operated by Mrs. Lawan and supported by First Presbyterian Church Midland since 2010, are struggling to keep their children's homes opened. Due to changes in government regulations, new building standards have been implemented and currently the two facilities do not meet them. In one place, they need to do some reconstruction on the house, and in the other location they need to build a school. Both of these projects are expensive and in the meantime, the children face uncertain futures and may be sent to Buddhist-run homes.
Please pray for Mrs. Lawan and her team as they try to navigate these challenges. For the children who face bullying at school because they refuse to participate in Buddhist worship ceremonies, please ask God to protect and shield them. Pray the local authorities work with Mrs. Lawan to reach a compromise that is both safe for the children and also feasible to execute.

RUSSIA // Slave saviours: the men risking their lives to free brick workers in Dagestan
Ethnofund Photo
It is a long, dusty drive through the mountains and valleys of Dagestan before the brick factory comes into view, its gassy haze hanging low on an otherwise empty horizon. Somewhere in this maze of kilns and clay is a man who claims he has never been paid for his work and cannot escape. Zakir Ismailov and Alexey Nikitin, activists from the Russian anti-slavery organisation Alternativa, have helped free workers like this many times. They have a standard plan: enter the factory quickly, find the person who needs rescuing, and get out before trouble starts.It is never an easy job. More than 1 million people are believed to be trapped as modern-day slaves in Russia, many in the brick factories and kosharas (small farms) of Dagestan, a restive republic in the North Caucasus.
Learn more here ...
Praise God that all around the world, in pockets and corners we've perhaps never heard of, there are people fighting for justice!

Praying with you,

Carrie J. McKean
Faces of Children Director
First Presbyterian Church of Midland, Texas
(432) 684-7821 x153

If you have prayer requests about children, those who care for them, those who have authority over them, or those who harm them (the really hard prayers to say sometimes), please send them to info@facesofchildren.net

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