Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today in the PC-USA Mission Yearbook

The Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study is a daily devotional with 365 inspiring mission stories that come from next door and all across the globe. It inspires thousands of Presbyterians daily as they uphold the mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in intercessory prayer. The stories in the 2013 Mission Yearbook were gathered around the question of Jesus to his disciples, “How many loaves have you?” from Mark 6:38. The book is filled with stories of God’s abundance in the face of overwhelming needs and a scarcity of resources.

Today in the Mission Yearbook: June 29, 2013

PRESBYTERY OF TRANSYLVANIA, KENTUCKY - These three little boys look happy and healthy, don’t they? Well, if you had seen them a few years ago, you would not have thought so! These children live in the little village of Villa Madero, Mexico. As in many parts of the country, the drinking water is unsafe, and children, because of their undeveloped immune systems, are especially vulnerable to the diseases carried by contaminated water. As a consequence they often have chronic diarrhea, and, even if they have enough food to eat, their bodies are not able to absorb the food’s nutrition—a condition called malabsorptive hunger. These children miss many, many days of school and are often lethargic and withdrawn. Bad news!

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