Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grace in Nicaragua ... "Living, learning in Esteli"

All this week, members of Grace Presbyterian Church of Midland, Texas, will be part of a mission team in Nicaragua, partnering with the the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Equal Exchange, getting a first-hand look at the coffee farming business in Nicaragua. The trip will provide Presbyterians who are involved or interested in fair trade to see how it works and meet face-to-face with those who grow the coffee.

Late this wed night having just returned from Esteli area 5 hours north via van ride. Spent 2nights with hosts at their homes in a small village of coffee growers. Believe me, we know a lot now about coffee growing and prep for sale/export.

Slept on mats or small mattresses 2nights. Beans, rice, chicken, tortillas (hand-made) just about all three meals a day. This picture is the house Judy and I stayed at which was nicer than many.

Photo by Craig Brown
Very gracious hosts with very little. No flush toilets but they did have a couple of light bulbs per house. Started hand making the tortillas each morning about 4:30.

Roosters spoke their chorus about 1am and then in full glory and for a full hour around 4:30. Generally a good time to wring a neck but enjoyed our bed too much to cut a life short.

Yesterday we walked about a mile and a half or so round trip to pick coffee cherries ... yes, cherries. I don't think we'll be hired any time soon.

Spent a few hours at the secondary coop today and learned how to 'cup' ... more on that later.

Bedtime now. Breakfast is late tomorrow at 7 am.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

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