Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In the News ... "Part 1: A look inside the world of human trafficking "

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• With Dr. Greg Romine of Romine Ministries

Staff Report

MIDLAND/ODESSA, TEXAS - It’s the number one industry in the world and one of the most dangerous for our children.

CBS 7 News and Dr. Richard Bartlett take you inside the world of human trafficking and the statistics speak for themselves.

About 60 million people are involved in some sort of human trafficking and about half of those people are children.

According to Dr. Greg Romine, about 1.2 million children are taken each year.

Romine is part of an organization that rescues children who were kidnapped and forced into human trafficking. Last year, Romine rescued more than a thousand children from the crime.

“It is happening right before our very eyes,” Dr. Greg Romine said.

Romine has safe houses located in both the United States and the Philippines ...

Watch Part 1 of this KOSA report 

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