Sunday, January 22, 2017

Grace in Nicaragua ... "We've Arrived"

All this week, members of Grace Presbyterian Church of Midland, Texas, will be part of a mission team in Nicaragua, partnering with the the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Equal Exchange, getting a first-hand look at the coffee farming business in Nicaragua. The trip will provide Presbyterians who are involved or interested in fair trade to see how it works and meet face-to-face with those who grow the coffee.

We've arrived safely and met those outside our Texas area ... Peggy, Jenni, Tom, Bethany, Lauri, Jillian, Luis and David. Have eaten well and hope to rest well tonight.

Leaving from DFW was slow ... on the plane and then maintenance for three hours before we took off.

Learned about Equal Exchange this afternoon and toured managua this p.m. Leave for Condega and our host's homes tomorrow in the coffee producing hills a few hours away. We will sleep well tonight. Appreciate the prayers each day that you all provide.

Craig, Judy, Mark, Karen, Jose Luis, Cecillia, Pat (and BJ in thought)

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