Monday, March 13, 2017

FPC-Midland Belize Mission ... Day 1

During Spring Break 2017, a team from 1st Presbyterian Church-Midland will be traveling to the Central American country of Belize, and working with The Word at Work ministry reaching out and sharing the gospel with the people of Belize while working side-by-side with the local community and building upon a foundation of relationships with that community.

"Day 1"

Hello everyone from Belize!

We have settled in after a long day of travelling, and have successfully finished our first day in Belize! It started this morning at 4:30 AM at the Midland airport, connecting to our flight in Houston, on to Belize. We arrived around 1 and continued our travel by vans; and myself, Megan and Krista got the pleasure of riding with 2 of our El Progresso friends, Victor and Julio in their truck. When asked , “where we saw God today?” during family time this evening, I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that our car ride wasn’t an accident ...

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