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WAW Wednesday ... "March Madness"

"The Word at Work is a ministry that mobilizes churches and individuals to answer God's call to minister to those in need," writes Rev. Tim Tam, Director of the Amarillo, Texas-based ministry. "Through our relationships, God reveals needs and opportunities for service. As we come along side the poor, new friendships develop and doors for ministry open. As we serve, God provides the resources to supply for the needs he reveals."

WAW Wednesday: "March Madness"

Hello Friends,

Taking a deep breath after a very full Spring Break in Belize -- which included a coffee spill on my computer -- thankfully I'm back online today and can share some of what our teams experienced while here. One thing is for sure, God is present and His blessings abound!

Our group from FPC Midland returned to the community of El Progresso last week and continued work on their Community Center...they also had a fun day with the bouncy house one of our partners from PA donated. By all reports the team had a great time and their long-term plant, Susie Mauldin, was also able to join them for their debrief! We love seeing God work through this relationship!

Lakeside Presbyterian Church out of Mississippi had a unique vision trip this spring break - Tim Hagen led the group North, South, and West to meet partners and discern God's leading as they've made a 10-year commitment to serving in Belize! (Lakeside's pastor is Tyson Taylor, a familiar face in Belize!) The team was also the answer to our friend A.H.'s prayer for a wheelchair ramp. A.H. is now able to drive his motorized wheelchair in and out of his home and we are so grateful!

Chepito led the team from FPC Arlington and they had a great time reconnecting with the girls and staff from Youth Enhancement Services (YES). The group brought craft and sewing projects and also re-painted the building. FPC leader Suzy McCoy shared that she helped put the first coat of paint on the building 10 years ago on her first trip to Belize, affirming how God honors relationships. The group had a field trip with the girls, taking them to Banana Bank for a day of fun. This team was able to join CPC Austin for a night of prayer and worship at Old Belize - we were reminded how big the Church is as we learned a couple of African worship songs from one of Arlington's team members! It was a great night.

We are so excited that CPC Austin and Ebenezer are gaining ground for the sake of the Gospel in the Burial Grounds of Belize City. The members of Ebenezer have been working hard to build their church and CPC Austin helped them gain major ground this week - on Thursday we were able to join them for their first night of worship in the new (nearly complete) building and it was beautiful! Soon the church will have a building to teach children about God's love, provide food and sewing classes and so much more. The team from Austin also made hospice visits, went door - to - door to invite folks to Ebenezer, participated in a feeding program near Port Loyola, and visited the prison where they had a special tour from John Woods.

This morning I caught up with Christian Sewing Partners of Belize's organizer Maria Perez, TWAW long-term volunteer Marilyn, and her guest Pat from Kansas, as they were loading up and heading North to share new projects with a sewing group -- they've been all over the country, in the prison, schools, and wherever God leads them. What an inspiration they are!

There's more friends - but I'm off to the next thing! Thank you for your prayers -- we're grateful to every team member that joined us for TWAW's March Madness and we're expectant for what God will do next!


Mollie and the Staff
The Word at Work

EDITOR'S NOTE: Speaking from my own first-hand experience - working side-by-side with Tim, Kenny and our brothers and sisters in Belize - won't you give thoughtful, prayerful consideration to supporting the efforts of Tim, the Word At Work staff and their partners? Please please fill out this Commitment Card and return it to their office!

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