Monday, March 6, 2017

From @chinaaid : "Yunnan court to further investigate Christian accused of cult crimes"

The China Aid Association is a non-profit Christian organization - based in Midland, Texas - with a mission to uncover and reveal the truth about religious persecution in China, focusing especially on the unofficial church. They do this, they explain in their website, by exposing the abuses, encouraging the abused and equipping the saints to advance the kingdom of God throughout China.

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Yunnan court to further investigate Christian accused of cult crimes
Distributed by ChinaAid, February, 2017 ...

DALI, YUNNAN, CHINA – Authorities in China’s southern Yunnan province detained a Christian woman, accusing her of cult crimes late last year, according to an update on Feb. 7 from her lawyer.

Tu Yan, a Christian originally from Hunan province, was doing ministry work in Dali, Yunan on Oct. 22, 2016, when officers from the public security bureau arrested her and four other Christians ...

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