Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reports From Lulwanda: Program Coordinator's Report for February 2013

Natalie Rolfe serves Lulwanda Children's Home in Uganda as program coordinator: organizing and coordinating the programs of the Home, school, and clinic; overseeing sponsor connection and relationships (on the side of the children); and hosting American visitors that come to the Home.

February, 2013

"Hello again. Having been on my furlough for a few months, it is so wonderful to be back “home” in Uganda. February was a great month of “welcoming” at Lulwanda ...

... It was a wonderful and productive time. Everyone at Lulwanda is always excited and blessed when visitors come. So the invitation is open for you as well. From all of us in Uganda, we would love for you to come see what the Lord is doing at/in this place."

to read the rest of Rolfe's February, 2013 report.

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