Sunday, March 24, 2013

Today in the PC-USA Mission Yearbook

The Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study is a daily devotional with 365 inspiring mission stories that come from next door and all across the globe. It inspires thousands of Presbyterians daily as they uphold the mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in intercessory prayer. The stories in the 2013 Mission Yearbook were gathered around the question of Jesus to his disciples, “How many loaves have you?” from Mark 6:38. The book is filled with stories of God’s abundance in the face of overwhelming needs and a scarcity of resources.

Today in the Mission Yearbook: March 24, 2013

MINUTE FOR MISSION: PALM SUNDAY - As at so many schools, athletics are crucial to the social structure and school pride at my own, Ballard High in Louisville, Kentucky. When a big game approaches, we cheer and laud our team, overflowing with excitement. The players are universally given better treatment than anyone else in the school for a brief period of time. We even refer to ourselves as being part of the team. Anticipation tides us over until the game. Soon, game day arrives.

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